Meow Mix

Derby Name: Meow Mix
Derby Number: 9 Lives
What does your derby name mean to you: I love cats.
Favorite Position: Wherever my team needs me.
How you found out about roller derby: I was a rink rat and I used to jamskate. I did a halftime show for a derby team and fell in love.
Date you started with the Jacksonville Roller Girls: October 2008
Favorite derby moment during a bout: The moment when everything comes together for our team. When everything we practiced and worked so hard at comes into play and the execution looks like it’s done effortlessly.
Favorite derby moment during an after party: Laya riding the bull at regionals. She is so cray!
Favorite after party drink: Miller Lite!
Favorite bout you played in: WFTDA Regionals 2012
What are your favorite skates: Vanilla Derby Brass Knuckle Blackout
What are your favorite wheels: Backspin Deluxe or Backspin Mayhem
Do you have a derby wife: I used to. She stopped skating. I am single.
What should your opponent know about you before a bout: Nothing at all.
What should your fans know about you: I love you! 100% more whiskers!

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