Legs R Us

Derby Name: Legs R Us
Derby Number: 301
What does your derby name mean to you? My name was given to me after trying to pick one for 6 months or more! It’s a mix of my leggy’ness, inner child and love of being a giraffe.
Do you have a pre-bout ritual? I enjoy gearing up with my team and applying my giraffe warpaint to relax and focus on my goals. playing metal and electro music also sets the mood   \m/  \m/
Favorite Position: I love jamming, it’s the freedom and trust I have with my blockers. I really enjoy the thrill of breaking through the pack and being able to sprint back to it again. I love the speed and agility. Not to mention I love blocking almost as much. Working together and holding a jammer is the best feeling, ha and a huge hit is awesome too.
How you found out about roller derby: My good friend Bambi Bomber got to talkin about it one day, and I knew it was the sport for me <3
Date you started with Jacksonville Roller Girls: Fresh meat, “meat and Greet” was it november 2010? End of 2010
Favorite moment during a bout: Every bout is my favorite, I can’t wait to watch this years Nationals (2012)
Favorite after party drink: I love a large cold beer right after a bout, but I have a taste for a white russian or a vodka mix
Favorite bout you played in: My very first bout was the charity naughty vs nice, and I was green as grass haha.
What are your favorite skates? I really love skates that fit haha, I’m working on getting the right fit as well as skate. I’ve had starter skates, Antik AR1’s and Vanilla Renegades.
What are your favorite wheels? I love my poisons on the skate plex floor, I skated on those guys for soo long! (too long if you ask anyone else)
Do you have a derby wife? I just asked my favorite skater Laya Landmine to marry me at the 2012 Tampa FL Franky Panky, it was magical.
What should an opponent know about you before a bout? I’m not a very nice giraffe ;3
What should your fans know about you? I love you guys! I love hugs too!

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