Fancy Schmancy


Derby Name: Fancy Schmancy
Derby Number: 62
What does your derby name mean to you: My name was given to me because of my foot work. I think fancy was the nicer version of wild/crazy.
Favorite Position: I like it all.
How you found out about roller derby: A homeopathic medicine article on Facebook featuring derby girls using Arnica gel for bruises. I thought Jax had a league so I did some snooping and here I am. I have always loved to skate & I was a roller rink rat in my younger years.
Date you started with the Jacksonville Roller Girls: March 2010
Favorite derby moment during a bout: Holding up a “Happy 6th Anniversary” sign up during intros for my husband who is very supportive of my derby life.
Favorite derby moment during an after party: The Athens, GA after party was a blast: dancing, singing, bowling, & Nuke’s rapping skills were impressive.
Favorite after party drink: Shirley Temple
Favorite bout you played in: Our first bout at the UNF Arena against Knoxville April 17th, 2010. We won both our bouts in front of a very lively home crowd. It was amazing.
What are your favorite skates: Reidell 965s
What are your favorite wheels: Right now I’m rolling on some Backspin Deluxes
What should your opponent know about you before a bout: Don’t be fooled by my smiley disposition…I really want to kick your arse.
What should your fans know about you: Derby is just one aspect of my very full life. Also, I am so grateful for derby fans! Without you guys derby wouldn’t be the same.

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