Eirinn Go Brawl

Derby Name: Eirinn Go Brawl
Derby Number: 912
What does your derby name mean to you: It’s a play on the phrase Erin Go Bragh, which means Ireland Forever in Old Irish.
Favorite Position: I used to be primarily a jammer, but I have an equally intense love for blocking. I’ll do whatever my team needs me to.
How you found out about roller derby: I ran into some old speedskating friends who were playing derby. They invited me to come watch a bout and I was hooked.
Date you started with the Jacksonville Roller Girls: I started playing with the Ocala Cannibals in April 2011 and transferred to the Jacksonville RollerGirls in December 2012.
Favorite derby moment during a bout: The momentum build up between the jam timer calling 5 seconds and the first whistle. You could cut the tension with a knife.
Favorite derby moment during an after party: Any time there’s karaoke.
Favorite after party drink: I don’t drink, but I’ll take a Shirley Temple any day.
Favorite bout you played in: The New Jax-hosted mash up tournament held this past February. My mash up team consisted of 10 of my best friends. We scored a total of 516 points in two games and won the tournament. I always feel like I play my best when I’m just having fun, and what could be more fun than skating with your favorite people in the world?
What are your favorite skates: I love, love, love my Vanilla Brass Knuckles with my Mag Avenger plates.
What are your favorite wheels: A combo of Backspin Revenge and Poisons works on just about everything for me. I like a lot of grip.
Do you have a derby wife:  I have a derby harem. My wife is Sketchy Bomber, but her other wife is Spikey Blows-Whales. My away wife is Danimal the Animal, but Lil’ Looney and Lashes N’ Bashes are my mistresses. We have a super polyamorous derby family. What can I say? We have a lot of love to give.
What should your opponent know about you before a bout: I’ll be your best friend before and after the bout and even in between jams, but when that whistle is blown all I know how to be is a fierce competitor.
What should your fans know: My “get pumped” song is Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys. The louder you sing it, the faster I’ll skate and the harder I’ll hit.
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