JRD Contacts

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors upholds the Policies and Procedures of the league and operates the Jacksonville Roller Derby business on behalf of all league members . For inquiries, please email: jrdbod@gmail.com
President: Lisa Tank
Vice President: Luna Shovegood
Treasurer: Fancy Schmancy
Secretary: Sedusa
Committee Liaison: Zero Fox Given

Coaching Staff & Officials

Head Coach: Block Paper Scissors
Our Head Coach manages and governs Travel Teams, Home Teams, Coaches, Captains, Training, Transfer Skaters, and Visiting Skaters. For inquiries, please email: jrdheadcoach@gmail.com
Head Referee: Pol E. Dangerous
Our Head Referee upholds all WFTDA processes and practices outlined in the WFTDA Officiating Standardized Practices related to referees. For inquiries, please email: jrdheadref@gmail.com
Head NSO: Electro ShockHer
Our Head Referee upholds all WFTDA processes and practices outlined in the WFTDA Officiating Standardized Practices related to non-skating officials. For inquiries, please email: jrdheadnso@gmail.com

Committee Heads

Marketing & Communications: Vitamean Beane
Our Marketing & Communication Committee handles Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Graphics/Media/Content, Digital Operations, and Social Media. For inquiries, please email: jrdmarcom@gmail.com
Business Operations: Tattooicide
Our Business Operations Committee handles Sponsorship, Fundraising, Donations, Merchandise, and Ticket Sales. For inquiries, please email: jrdbusinessops@gmail.com
Member Operations: Ginger Galore
Our Member Operations Committee handles New Member Recruitment, Member Orientation, Member Advocacy, and Formal Complaints or Grievances. For inquiries, please email: jrdmemberops@gmail.com
Event Operations: Scarlett Dragon
Our Event Operations Committee handles Bout Production, League Event Planning, Charity Events, and Public Appearances. For inquiries, please email: jrdeventops@gmail.com
Safety: Tic Tac Toni
Our Safety Committee handles our Safety & Emergency Action Plans and ensures overall safety of league members at all events. For inquiries, please email: jrdsafetycommittee@gmail.com
Training: Block Paper Scissors
Our Training Committee ensures league members develop the skills required to pass the WFTDA minimum skills test, the WFTDA written rules test, defensive/offensive skating techniques, skills to officiate or referee sanctioned and/or regulation bouts, and in general the rules of roller derby. For inquiries, please email: jrdtraining@gmail.com


Scheduling (ILC) for New Jax City Rollers, River City Rat Pack, and J-Villains is handled by Meow Mix (stephaniegentz1@gmail.com) and Lucinda Knickers (smnoll73@gmail.com). They can be reached at jrdilcrep@gmail.com
WFTDA Head Rep: Meow Mix can be reached at jrdwftdarep@gmail.com
Web Master: Samwise Banshee can be reached at jrdwebmaster@gmail.com